Your Timeline and what to expect!

Here’s what to expect in the lead to your Wedding.

Our First Meeting – An opportunity for us to meet and greet and for us to find out all about you! We will ask you to bring with you some documentation to establish your identity, including either:

An original:

(1) Birth Certificate. Or

(2) an official extract of an entry in an official register (if born in Australia). Or

(3) an Australian or overseas Passport showing the date and place of birth. And
• if providing a Birth Certificate, a driver’s license or a Passport by way of photo ID. And
• evidence of any name changes (if applicable). And
• evidence of any divorce or death of a party’s spouse (if applicable).

We will explain all legal documentation to you, including the Notice of Intended Marriage form (‘the NOIM’) and the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage (‘the Declaration’). The NOIM must be completed no earlier than 18 months and no later than one month before the date of the marriage. You will receive an email from us within the next 30 minutes with a link to fill out your NOIM online. Once this is done, it will automatically populate all other legal forms ready to sign.

The Declaration is usually signed closer to your ceremony date (for example, this will be done at a rehearsal approx. 1-2 weeks before your ceremony).

A significant obligation of a marriage celebrant is to advise you on the availability of relationship education services. Whilst this is not compulsory to you getting married, it is important and there are various courses available to help you develop and maintain strong and healthy relationships.

Once the NOIM is signed, we will provide you with a brochure titled Happily Ever…Before and After which contains important information for couples planning to marry.

MONTH 2 – Comprehensive information regarding ceremony readings, music selections and vows can also be made available to you both. All personal vows, music, poems and scripts are to be sent and formalised by couples and sent to us for scripting. This is to be completed no later than 4 weeks out from your wedding to allow us sufficient time to plan, prepare and write the script for your wedding.


3 – 4 Weeks Before the Ceremony – By now we will have worked together to have a good outline of your wedding ceremony. Communication in person or via email or Skype. We will send you copy of the completed script for your perusal and confirmation which will outline the structure of your ceremony.

2 Weeks Before the Ceremony – Any changes are to be sent via email clearly outlining your changes and final payment and balance due.

1 Week Before the Ceremony – Rehearsal/final meeting at venue (if convenient) or another suitable/similar venue.

Confirm ALL wedding details.

Please see at the end of this email, the details and services as per your quotation. If this information is not correct, please contact us soon as possible and if you have any other questions in the meantime, feel free to call or e-mail me.