Learn a Signature Dish: Master one dish to impress your partner, even if it’s just spaghetti with an extravagant sauce (even if it’s from a jar!).
Survival Kit Assembly: Assemble a survival kit for the wedding day—band-aids for blisters from those new shoes, extra snacks for unexpected hunger pangs, and a secret stash of energy drinks for that post-party slump.
Tie-Tying Trials: Practice tying that perfect tie knot, unless bow ties or clip-ons are your jam. You don’t want to struggle on the big day and end up with a lopsided knot!
Write Funny Vows: Inject humor into your vows. It’s your chance to promise things like “I promise to share the remote (sometimes)” or “I vow to laugh at your jokes, even the bad ones.”
Dance Floor Diplomacy: Brush up on your dance moves. It’s not just about the first dance; you might need a few funky moves to survive the reception.
Groomsmen Pep Talk: Give your groomsmen a hilarious pep talk to keep the nerves at bay. Silly speeches might just be the perfect pre-wedding ritual!
Emergency Plan Z: Prepare a backup plan for any wedding-day emergencies—a sudden pimple, a wardrobe malfunction, or, heaven forbid a misplaced ring.
Find Your ‘Yes, Dear’ Voice: Practice your ‘Yes, dear’ voice—you’ll be using it a lot! Bonus points for perfecting the nod-and-smile combo.
Wedding Emoji Game: Develop a secret emoji code with your partner to communicate during the ceremony. Winking face for “Are you sure about this?” and a thumbs-up for “I love you.”
Pre-Wedding Bucket List: Create a pre-wedding bucket list of silly things to do together. It might involve jumping into a fountain fully clothed or making a questionable TikTok dance video.